In our international work we partner with some of the leading vendors in the world. This network gives us the global reach needed to roll-out programs across the world but also a rich vein of knowledge and insight to draw upon.
TMA World
This leading global talent development specialist has offices in the U.S, U.K, India, Singapore, & France. They offer a blended learning approach of face-to-face workshops and online programs.
General Physics
A leading performance improvement company, General Physics is one of the largest sales, technical and effectiveness training companies in the world. The company has over 40 years experience.

Impact International
Impact International design, develop and deliver management training and organizational development solutions form leadership development to talent management. Active all over the world, they are a leading training supplier in the US.

Leadership Choices
This is a customised OD/training/facilitating company who are dedicated to leadership development in business. They have a particularly strong presence in Europe.

 Pure Expression - Adam Taub
Pure Expression is a UK based organisation which works with senior executives. It has some of the finest trainers and content creators in the UK, helping clients to deliver critical messages to customers, employees, investors and analysts.
Client Listening - Ali Hellewell
Customer experience, client relationship management, customer service are the focus of and consultancy of this organisation based in the UK
Geddes Bubb
This company works on building relationships with investors, media, & existing and potential clients. A European hub of coaches and trainers provide a unique portfolio of programmes



Cimatron Ltd

Daphna Sadovnik

Corporate Sales Manager


Thank you for the Sales training. It was a pleasure to see the level of participation and work around me that day.

ECI has been developing and selling  networking solutions to the world’s largest telecoms carriers in long, complex partnerships that have been maintained over years. As the contact with Indian colleagues and the Indian market became more intense the company approached us. We have delivered a series of crosscultural workshops to both business function and R & D employees on working with India.